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Cours Aline Buffet Talented Future Creators

Grand, sublime, dazzling, the fashion show by Cours Aline Buffet was the most stunning and most creative Couture event at Cannes Shopping Festival on April 20 at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

Aline Buffet, fashion designer and Director of the private Fashion School Cours Aline Buffet in Cannes, presented the creators of the future, the opportunity to discover the talent of tomorrow in a chic and festive atmosphere.
After the success of the parade by school Cours Aline Buffet at Debussy Theatre at the Cannes Shopping Festival 2013, the school returned to the front of the stage. On this 2014 edition, for the first time, the Palais des Festivals de Cannes opened the Grand Auditorium to a fashion-design school, Aline Buffet’s one.

Hard creativity work

Last year, the pupils of this prestigious school installed for over twenty years Place Lamy in the heart of Cannes, showcased thirty dresses. But this year, the situation had changed, and it was a great challenge the 23 students of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year had to meet, as well as the former students now installed as auto-entrepreneurs since leaving the school last year.
Since September 2013, the students of the fashion school Cours Buffet Aline have been working on more than 150 models of cocktail and evening dresses. Each wanted to showcase style, fabrics, ideas, creativity and present their creation to the 1,850 people who came to admire them.

One hour and a half of intense emotion

A dream trip where haute-couture reigns in the film capital frequented by the biggest international stars. But for once, the students were the stars, the time of an unforgettable evening for them and for us.
On the agenda: walking up the famous steps of the Palais at 19h, before the red carpet leads us directly into the Grand Auditorium for a parade without any downtime, on a tempo set to the second. Gorgeous evening dresses, sheath dresses sensual and languorous, city or cocktail dresses,  boasting vibrant colours or playing with strong contrasts, cut in precious fabrics, silk, tulle, satin, embellished with lace and organza, 150 models held us spellbound for one hour and a half of intense emotion.
Icing on the cake: the presentation of the wedding dress, designed by Aline Buffet in person and realized by her students. An appointment worthy of the greatest Parisian Fashion Week !
It was for us the discovery  of the great talents of tomorrow, and these 23 young girls’ performance was worthy of the greatest designer in the world of Haute-Couture fashion. This future parade took place in the a chic and festive atmosphere. What a show, what a professionalism, bravo Aline Buffet, “maestro” of couture and fashion !

Every dress is a work of art

Master craftsman, finalist in the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, costume and fashion designer since 1994, Aline Buffet made her debut at the famous couturier Yves Saint Laurent. She then opened her boutique in Cannes in 1999. It offers exclusive designs made by traditional techniques, the techniques of haute couture and sleight of hand.
Every dress coming out of her studio is a work of art that fits perfectly on the female form. Aline Buffet defines her work as “a metamorphosis” and wants women to realize their dream by wearing her creations.

The Creators

Lisa Banh, Caroline Bar, Alexandra Batailler, Coralie Boisset-Stuben, Iman Boulifa, Emilie De Lorenzo, Hélène Dessertenne, Emma Eliakim, Léa Guillouet, Myriam Habib, Imen Idrissi, Aleksandra Laigle, Laura Nataf, Alexia Nuttal Barber, Stéphanie Rigal, Olga Serrat, Elodie Shadbolt, Marine Sicciano, Alexia Solimeis, Charlotte Stephan, Véronica Tavares, Cindy Varlet, Génésia Walle.

The models from Agence Enjoy were wearing shoes by Carmen Steffens, hairstyle and makeup was done by Eros Giuliani, stars hairdresser in Cannes, with nails by Ink Nails, cozy and private Nail Bar in Saint Raphael.

We could not resist showing you most of the models. Click on pictures to enlarge.


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  1. LE ROY says:

    ce défié a rempli toutes ses promesses!!bravo aux étudiantes et merci à Aline Buffet de transmettre son art et sa passion..

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