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Mahinui Fashion Style Seduces La Croisette

On the beach L’Ondine, the Cannes Shopping Festival made us discover, thanks to Christie Luxe’s invitation, a new clothing line with the brand Mahinui Fashion Style, native to Polynesia.

The launch took place on April 20 during a parade Mahinui Fashion Style at 64 Boulevard de la Croisette on the L’Ondine beach and restaurant.
After being warmly welcomed by charming hostesses who put us vahiné collar around the neck, we sat down on comfortable chairs lined up in rows on the beach where a catwalk was installed.
The presentation of this line of clothing with tattoo patterns fabric, brought a great and exotic idea to this beautiful fashion event, which was inspired by Polynesian legends: sea turtles, butterflies, plants and floral volutes. A good idea also for our future summer outfits, jeans, shorts, shirts, tank tops… The fashion show filled our heads and those of the numerous public with beautiful landscapes, turquoise lagoon and endeless sandy beaches and gave us immediate desire to go to Tahiti.
From discovering the generosity of this informal fashion moment, tattoos on the skirts or jeans worn by pretty nymphets, sweatshirts and teeshirts worn by beautiful muscular males, the beach Ondine and its restaurant took us in an instant to Tahiti, to the sound of Tahitian traditional folk music “Aloha Tahiti”.

At the end of this festive fashion show, a contest allowed privileged guests to win prizes including a trip to Tahiti. Then it was the turn of Tahitian dancers from Da troupe Heiva to offer us a colorful spectacle. Thus, we could even learn a few words of Tahitian and folk dances: oh happiness!

Based in Hong Kong, Mahinui Fashion Style tattoos the jeans, shirts textile and many other derivatives like canvas shoes, glasses mounts, caps and belts, thanks to the expertise of the great tattoo artist Eric Cresset. The trademark Mahinui Fashion Style is under the leadership of its director, Jean Mahinui, of Tahitian origin.

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