Denis Durand’s Dream Promenade

denis durand dream promenade 2015

Denis Durand

The fashion designer Denis Durand presents his Midsummer Night’s Dream exhibition of new 2015 couture creations during the Cannes Shopping Festival.

Under the patronage of HRH the Princess Tania de Bourbon Parma, the Cannes french designer Denis Durand is presenting at the Palais des Festivals, during the Cannes Shopping Festival, an exhibition of his new creations in 2015 on the theme of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream from 3 to April 6, 2015.

A magical and imaginary promenade

The couture creator offers an imaginary promenade in a strange and magical forest where Nature, elves and fairies, a small horse, a spellbinding potion, jewelry and glass creations, 15 silhouettes in embroidered and sparkling dresses and evening gowns with gorgeous accessories, intertwine and prepare the wedding of a princess, the time of a bewitching summer night, looking like a dream. Cross the romanesque arch, a wrought-iron gate to an enchanting and ephemeral garden world of designers creations, and let your gaze be delighted by the many surprises the intelligence of the hand provide.

denis durand dream promenade 2015

HRH Princess Tania De Bourbon Parme & Denis Durand

A prestigious Princess godmother

HRH Princess Tania de Bourbon Parme is an unclassifiable designer, mainly specializing in creating exceptional objects for collectors or individuals wishing to possess unique works.
For 6 years, the descendant from the Bourbons of France, Henry IV and Louis XIV, the Princess has been internationally valuing the Art trades and French know-how through her association L’Art Autrement Dit. The Princess, passionate about design, graphic arts and interior design, created a brand that bears her name. She said: “I hope this exhibition gives young people, passionate about art and fashion, a different and real view of these exceptional trades.”

An exhibition of artists and designers

To achieve his exhibition A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Denis Durand called upon the talents of the following artists, creators and designers:
Adrian Colin: master glass artist
Adrienne Jalbert: plastic artist
Marbella: Body Jewels
Mouna Marini: Art embroidered jewelry
Martine Micallef: perfumes
Laetitia Miéral: paper wonders
Joe Mitchell: embroiderer
Catherine Tordella: make-up artists
One ms Teas: wall designer
Serge Orion: couture ombrella
Siri Maria Rossi : plastic artist
Rose Alexander: shoes
Jean Boggio: designer
Thibault Breton: photographer
Corinne Capelli: Coiffure
Olivier Durbano: poems stones jewelry
Elvyra Design: exclusive offbeat jewelery
Ferri Garcés: designer
Jean-Luc Scotto: photographer
Jérôme de Oliveira : World Champion pastry chef

denis durand dream promenade 2015

Come on a dream promenade

About Denis Durand

Denis Durand comes from the community of “soyeux” in Lyon, where his grandfather was a weaver. He begun his trade in Paris with theater costume designer Dominique Borg, with whom he created, among other, Isabelle Adjani’s outfits for the film Camille Claudel. Fourteen years after the creation of the Denis Durand Couture brand, his passion for the 7th Art and Hollywood icons led him to settle in Cannes in 2007. Couturier of luxury, unique and evenings, Denis Durand adorns his evening gowns in rich fabrics with embroideries and elegant lace, creating a tailored lifestyle.

For the exhibition, Denis Durand called on the support of Laure Delvigo, artistic director and chief editor of the magazine Blush and set designer and stylist Ludo Bohème.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Cannes Palais des Festivals
Cannes Shopping Festival
Hall Mediterranée
April 3 to 6, 2015

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