galettes des rois cannes 2015

Festival of Galette des Rois in Cannes

galettes des rois cannes 2015

Jean-Luc Pelé’s Galettes Provençales

For the Galette des Rois celebrating the Epiphany, Cannes hosts famous talented pastry chefs to provide the first “gourmandise” of the year, a refined king’s treat.

J’aime la galette – Savez-vous comment ? – Quand elle est bien faite – Avec du beurre dedans – Tralalala lalala lalère – Tralalala lalala lala –
J’aime la galette – Savez vous comment ? – Quand elle est bien faite  – Avec du sucre dedans – Puis avec de la pâte – Puis avec des œufs – Puis avec des amandes… (French song praising the Gallette des Rois).

Cannes talented pastry chefs

Cannes is home of three pastry chefs stars: Jérôme De Olivera, young World Pastry Champion, who opened a first “salon de gourmandises” Intutions By J at the Five Seas Hotel before opening a second one in Monaco; Jean-Luc Pelé, star of M6 TV show The Best Bakery in France which crowned him Best Baker in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region and National Finalist and Philppe Brito, former pastry chef at Cannes Noga Hilton and Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel. Two other pastry chefs caterers offer famous classical and original Galette des Rois: Lenotre and the local institution Ernest.

galettes des rois cannes 2015

Philippe Brito

Philippe Brito’s square-shaped Galette

Besides the traditional Provençal Crown with candied fruit (orange, lemon and grapes), Phippe Brito proposes his specialty of Brioche Pralin, a marriage between classic brioche and Mouna, with a tasty medley of caramelized dried fruits (hazelnut and peanut) and spices: cinnamon, vanilla, orange zest and rum. Another originality: Philippe Brito proposes his frangipane Galette des Rois square-shaped! During the month of Epiphany, the crunchy puff pastry will contain every weekend a different blend: frangipane and raspberry, frangipane and sautéed apple with calvados and finally, pistachio-raspberry.
At the end of the article, you’ll find the delicious and original recipe of the Brioche Pralin for you to make the treat at home.

Philippe Brito
79 Avenue du Maréchal Juin, 06400 Cannes
33 (0)4 93 94 43 48

galettes des rois cannes 2015

Jean-Luc Pelé

Jean-Luc Pelé’s Apple and Chocolate Galette
Jean-Luc Pelé, national finalist of the M6 TV show “The Best Bakery in France”, is managing three shops: one in Rue d’Antibes – the shopping street – one Rue Meynadier – the gastronomy street – and one in Boulevard Carnot. In his shops, the chef offers this year the two classics: the Galette Briochée with candied fruits (cherries, angelica, orange) and the Galette with almond cream. La Galette des Rois with almond cream is enriched with two original specialties: with fresh apple and with chocolate.

Jean-Luc Pelé
36, Rue Meynadier – Cannes
33 (0)4 93 38 06 10
42, Rue d’Antibes – Cannes
33 (0)4 93 39 89 46
104, Boulevard Sadi Carnot – Le Cannet
33 (0)4 93 45 36 32

galettes des rois cannes 2015

Galettes at Patisserie Intutions By J

Jérôme De Olivera’s originality

In Jérôme De Olivera’s “salon de gourmandises” Intutions By J at the Five Seas Hotel, the gourmands are spoiled with choice, as the youngest World Champion offers many appetizing Galettes, to first devour with the eyes. The traditional golden Galettes are there: the frangipane with crème d’amande and the Provençale, a brioche covered with candied fruit (orangettes, lemons and tangerine).
The spécialité du chef comes from his region, Le Rhône: a brioche topped with pink pralines and almonds, with fragments of them inside.
This year, two new Galettes complement the range of treats: the Galette with crème d’amande and black chocolate, adorned with chocolate stripes on the top and the one with crème d’amande, spéculos and candied persimmon.

Jérôme De Olivera – Intutions By J
22 Rue Bivouac Napoléon, 06400 Cannes
33 (0)4 63 36 05 07

galettes des rois cannes 2015

Galette Lenotre

Lenotre’s Solar Galette

As a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Jean Cocteau‘s death, Guy Krenzer pays tribute to the major artist and took inspiration from his Mediterranean art creations to design a Galette as a worship to the sun and the flavors of the south. A solar Galette, reminding Le Soleil, a work of art by Jean Marais, jean Cocteau’s muse and pupil.
The terroir of the French Riviera, familiar to the artist, inspired the ingredients to provide a light and crispy puff pastry dotted with toasted and caramelized Valencia almonds around a Pain de Gênes with almonds and lemon zest, seasoned with the famous Limoncello of Menton.
The Galette is to be savored accompanied by caramelized slices of fresh pineapple – Jean Cocteau’s favorite fruit – and pineapple juice with spices (star anise, vanilla and cinnamon).
To delight the collectors of fèves – the favophiles – the Galette des Rois is accompanied by seven beans in the spirit of the Cocteau’s work of Art, such as the lizard, the wildlife and the harlequin, including one collector, inspired by Cocteau’s beloved terracotta work.

Lenotre Cannes
63 Rue Antibes, 06400 Cannes
33 (0)4 97 06 67 67

galettes des rois cannes 2015

Galettes at Ernest’s

Ernest, Pure Tradition

Since 1936, the family Ernest has been delighting the Cannois and tourists by making pastries in the purest tradition. In this renowned house, one finds also the classics: the Provencal Galette with candied fruit and the Galette frangipane, available in almond and in the pistachio flavor.
The “spécialité maison” is the Praline brioche decorated with “pralinettes”. And the fèves are always original, expected by connoisseurs…

52, rue Meynadier
06 400 Cannes
33 (0)4 93 06 23 00

Invented in the Middle Ages

We must go back to the thirteenth century to hear from the first sharing of a galette at the Epiphany celebrations: during 7 days, excesses were allowed and it was customary to offer cakes to family, friends and colleagues.
Today’s Galette des Rois originates from a dispute in the the fifteenth century opposing bakers and pastry chefs. Each of the two corporations wished the monopoly on the manufacture of the symbolic cake. The pastry chefs prevailed with King François 1st, but the King allowed the bakers to “do something.”
Thus, they invented the Galette which they graciously offered to their customers on the day of the Epiphany. Each Galette was hiding a “fève” (bean) – symbol of fecundity an happiness. The one who discovered the fève had in turn to buy the same Galette to treat those with whom he had shared the first one.
In the Middle Ages, the the guilds of tradesmen were using the bean as a vote token to choose a “king” to represent them by the lordship or ecclesiastical authority.

galettes des rois cannes 2015

Brioche Pralin by Philippe Brito

Brioche Pralin by Philippe Brito

For the Brioche:
1000 gr flour (Type 45)
20 gr salt
120g caster sugar
50 gr baking yeast
12 whole eggs
100 g milk
20 gr rum
1 lemon zest
1 teaspoon honey
1 pinch of ground cinnamon

For the Pralin:
100 gr sugar
25 gr water
40 gr hazelnut
40 gr almonds
20 gr peanut

Realization of the Pralin:
Make a caramel with water and sugar in a saucepan. When the caramel is at 160° C, put the dried fruit in to it and pour on a sheet of baking paper to cool, then crush.

Realization of the Brioche:
Put the flour, sugar, salt, honey and yeast in the bowl of a mixer, then pour the eggs, milk and rum.
Mix with a hook for 5 minutes then slowly put the butter in small pieces, then let it run for 10 minutes before putting the Pralin, the cinnamon, the lemon zest and run 5 minutes.
Let the dough rest for 30 minutes at room temperature and then refrigerate for 6 hours
Make pieces of 400 gr, round the dough, and then make a crown, place it on a plate with a sheet of baking paper and let the dough age for 1 hour and cook in an oven at 170° for 15 minutes.
At the end, sprinkle with icing sugar.

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