marche truffe jacques chibois 2015

Delicious Authentic Marche De La Truffe 2015

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marche truffe jacques chibois 2015

Marché de la Truffe 2015 poster by Kristian

The Marche de la Truffe 2015 will be held Saturday, January 10, 2015 at Jacques Chibois’ Bastide Saint Antoine de Grasse and Sunday, January 11, 2015 in the village of Le Rouret.

Every year, on the second Saturday of January, Jacques Chibois, the Chamber of Agriculture and the Union of Trufficulteurs organize a gourmet weekend. The truffle market is a great celebration of the Black Diamond, which has been increasingly successful each year. The 19th Marche de la Truffe will be held Saturday, January 10 at the Bastide Saint-Antoine in Grasse and will continue Sunday, January 11 at Le Rouret, the Black Diamond’s French Riviera capital.

Gastronomic treasure

Known since ancient times, this underground, well hidden and hard-to-find fungus is a treasure of gastronomy whose high season is the month of January.
The truffle goes equally well with festive products such as Saint-Jacques or fattened chicken as simple products like pasta, eggs, rice.
The melanosporum black truffle is the most sought for its powerful fragrance. So powerful that, to transfer its flavor in a risotto or scrambled eggs, simply enclose it for 48 hours with raw rice or eggs.
The truffle does not like being overheated; it is better to add it in the end, sliced or grated, minutes before serving.

marche truffe jacques chibois 2015

Tuber Melanosporum truffle – ©DR

La Bastide Saint Antoine

On Saturday January 10, Jacques Chibois’ La Bastide Saint Antoine in Grasse hosts a local market in its gardens and the chef proposes a gastronomic meal based on the truffle.
The sales market of truffles and local agricultural products and tasting workshops will open at 9:30. The day will be enlivened with truffle dog demonstration. Before the end of this first market day, at 17:00, will be held the prize draw to win a gift basket including all the products on the market with 250 g of Tuber Melanosporum truffle.

The Village of Le Rouret

On January 11, the Marche de la Truffe continues at the village of Le Rouret which will host from 9:00 the Provençal terroir market, gastronomic and artisanal, with truffles sales on the village square. To discover the truffle and how this delicate fungus is cultivated, buses will take people for a guided tour of the village’s truffle field. The Union of Trufficulteurs stand will provide advice on truffle cultivation with truffle dogs demonstration throughout the day.
At 16:30, the Chef Daniel Ettlinger (Le Clos Saint-Pierre) will show the realization of a truffle-based dish.

marche truffe jacques chibois 2015

Union of Trufficulteurs stand – DR

Buy truffles

Tips for choosing your truffle: it must be very dark, inside and outside, firm to the touch and hold a strong aromatic power. It can be stored between three weeks and a month in the chill in an airtight container, covered with groundnut oil after taking what is needed to cook.
The truffle is more and more grown in the Maritime Alps that offers nice weather and right soil for the development of this fragile fungus.

The event under the patronage of the cartoonist Kristian who designed the poster of the Marche de la Truffe 2015.

Jacques Chibois – La Bastide Saint Antoine
48 avenue Henri-Dunant – 06130 Grasse
Tel. +33 (0)4 93 70 94 94

Mairie du Rouret – Tel. +33 0()4 93 77 20 02

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