Fete du Citron 2015 Chinese Night Corso

fete citron 2015 corso nuit

The Sheep float

The 82nd Fete du Citron in Menton brings, with the illuminated parade of golden fruit the night, a perfume of magic, fairytale and popular fervor on the theme of China.

The Fete du Citron night corso is an amazing show featuring star citrus floats in a euphoric atmosphere, punctuated by music bands and brass bands and street performers. Under a starry sky, the Mentonnais and tourists gather on the waterfront in the heart of Menton, to celebrate the fruits of the sun around an enchanted parade.

Veneration for citrus

During the Fete du Citron, the fruit of the God sun, the Lemon and its sweet alter ego, the Orange, reign as absolute masters. This veneration is that, for over a century, the golden fruit was a source of prosperity and wealth for the local population.
The celebration of the golden fruits takes the form of a parade of floats made with citrus on the theme of the year: in 2015, the Tribulations of a Lemon in China, always in the writings of Jules Verne.
Then, some festive parades take place, under a confetti rain, that, caught in the lights of the parade, light up the sky of Menton.

Huge citrus floats

La Fete du Citron offers superb staging of huge floats, like a procession cheered and idolized by the troops of dancers and musicians, bands and street performers, which pepper the parade of pagan shows.
This colorful spectacle will dazzle the eyes of young and old and make them glitter. That magical moment to share with your family, will provide lasting memories.

fete citron 2015 corso nuit

An extraordinary bestiary

The theme of Tribulations of a Lemon in China has staged a fantastic and musical bestiary of the Middle Kingdom, realized in citrus fruits such as the Dragon, the Panda, the Sheep or the Frog or by “inflated” subjects, sometimes showing aggressive attitudes, like the Snake or the Goat. Not a bit scared by these unruly animals, beautiful smiling color girls perched on the floats as charming ambassadors of the Fete du Citron, sprinkled the public with confetti.


fete citron 2015 corso nuit


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