cannes film festival 2014

French Cinema at Cannes Film Festival

French Cinema was under the spotlights on Cannes Film Festival Day 8 with The Search by Michel Hazanavicius and Godard’s Goodbye to Language.

cannes film festival 2014

Courtesy Festival de Cannes

The Search by Michel Hazanavicius

“We need real films with stories for people to know what is happening and for them to be touched.” These are the words, by a doctor from Doctors Without Borders, that decided the director of the global success The Artist to make a film about the second Chechen war in 1999.
 Freely inspired by the film The Search by Fred Zinnemann (1948), The Search (Les Anges Marqués) features four destinies that war will induce to cross.

A little boy flees his village after the murder of his parents. He joins a flood of refugees and shortly after meets Carole, a European Union delegation head. Thanks to her friendship, he will slowly learn how to live again.

 At the same time, his sister Raïssa  is actively searching him among the civilian on exodus. For his part, Kolya, a young 20-year-old Russian, is enlisted in the army and plunges into the daily life of war.

The moral of The Search is that between the path of an executioner and that of a survivor, life will always be on the side of the survivors.

With Bérénice Bejo and Annette Bening

cannes film festival 2014

Courtesy Festival de Cannes

Goodbye to Language by Jean-Luc Godard

L’Adieu Au Language is Jean-Luc Godard’s 39th feature film. The New Wave legend experiments for the first time shooting in 3D. The filmmaker with intriguing trailers present his seventh film in competition at Cannes.

The cast features actors unknown to the public. In his films, the director of À Bout de Souffle is used to surprise the audience, avoiding all the usual codes of cinema, giving a poetic and often visionary cinema. 

A married woman and a free man begin a turbulent love story, the initial couple bursts. The former husband blows everything apart. The thread of this unpredictable plot seems to be a frolicking dog, thumbing its nose, symbol of freedom but also of misunderstanding of language.

Should we say goodbye to the language, farewell to understanding that is structuring our universe? Have we come “À Bout de Language” or do we simply have to scratch our head ?

One sure thing, if not the Palme d’Or, Godard won’t win the Prize for Scenario!

With Héloïse Godet, Zoé Bruneau, Kamel Abdelli

The Red Carpet

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