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Struggle For Life at Cannes Film Festival

On Day 9, Cannes Film Festival presents two forms of struggle, social with Jimmy’s Hall by Ken Loach and family struggle with Xavier Dolan’s Mommy.

cannes film festival

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Jimmy’s Hall by Ken Loach

Political activist Jimmy Gralton, deported from Ireland during 10 years to the States during the Red Scare of the 1930s, comes back home to help his mother look after the family farm.
Following the collective will of the youth from Leitrim County to open a centre, Jimmy decides to reopen the “Hall”, a centre open to all. Built by volunteers, it is a place where young people come together to remake the world, to be cultured, teach, and of course, to sing and dance thanks to the gramophone brought fromthe United States, and his record collection.
At the annoyance of some in the community, the success of this area of freedom is immediate, but the growing influence of Jimmy and his progressive ideas are not always the cuo of thea of the government and the Catholic Church, for whom education was the prerogative of the Holy Mother Church. Tensions appear soon.

With Barry Ward and Simone Kirby.

cannes film festival

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Mommy by Xavier Dolan

This is the 4th time that Xavier Dolan, young 25-year-old Quebec filmmaker, presents a film on the Croisette. At 20, his first film I Killed My Mother, selected by Directors Fortnight, had marked the spirits. The following year, he entered the official selection with Heartbeats, selected for Un Certain Regard. Same thing in 2012 with Laurence Anyways.

Mommy tells the story of a widow who takes over his son, an unruly, violent and impulsive teenager, suffering from ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

Fighting among their infatuation and difficulties, she will struggle to make ends meet and raise him. The neighbor across the street, comes overin support, in an unexpected and enigmatic way. Together in adversity, all three will find a form of balance, and soon hope.

With Anne Dorval, Antoine Olivier and Suzanne Clément

The Red Carpet

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