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Galerie Oscar Pop-up Art Event at Villa Guide

villa guide galerie oscar

Welcome at Villa Guide ©Carlton International

The Art Galerie Oscar and Carlton International offered an exclusive private pop-up Art event at the exceptional luxury villa Guide in the Cap d’Antibes.

On December 6, 2014, Emilie Janda and Chyninie Schapira from Art Galerie Oscar in collaboration with Carlton International, the specialist of luxury properties on the French Riviera, presented some international major artists in the dream setting of the Villa Guide in the Cap d’Antibes. During the pop-up art event, the guests could admire both the paintings of Gitte Peters and Lisa Rinneuvo, the sculptures by Mane and Esty Grossman‘s exquisite jewels.

Gitte Peters’ colorful happiness

villa guide galerie oscar

Gitte Peters

The Danish artist presented a range of colorful oil on canvas expressing her love of life, her happiness and energy in a abundance of thick dashes of bright colour, applied with a painting knife. The harmony of her impressionist work, in which the forms have faded away in favor of the poetry, takes the viewer deep into her universe of shades and colors, to reach an “Oasis of Happiness” in the heart of Mother nature.

Fairy tales by Lisa Rinneuvo

galerie oscar villa guide

Painting by Lisa Rinneuvo

One finds in Lisa Rinneuvo’s art her three main sources of inspirations: fairytales, New York and kids. The paintings showcased at Villa Guide show children or young characters in a naïve way somewhat evoking Poulbot. Since her childhood in Stockholm where she was born, Lisa has been drawing, painting and writing stories and believes she is in fact a fairy. Admitted to the Pratt Institute, an art school in New York in 1998, she dropped out after one day, preferring to follow her own inner strength to find her own path. From 2003 to 2006, she painted in New York, just soaking up the energy of the city.

Esty’s wearable micro sculptures

galerie oscar villa guide


The living organisms found in water and in the ocean are Esty’s major source of inspiration. She finds no boundaries, no limits between water and metal: they have the same fluidity and she moves through both with the same ease. “I cannot explain,” she says, “the irresistible force that draws me like a magnet to metal, the joy of forging, hammering, chasing, shaping, capturing the very essence of life in silver and gold.” In 1997, Esty opened her own gallery and workshop in the medieval village of the Haut-de-Cagnes where she lives and works all year round. Her contemporary jewels are featured in galleries in major cities throughout Europe and North America.

galerie oscar villa guide

Sculptor Mane

The art event was also showcasing some sculptures by the talented French sculptor Mane.

About Villa Guide

The villa Guide is a 17th century manor renovated in a modern Provençal style. The villa is managed by Carlton International and is to be rented in the concept of a Villa-Hotel with private Concierge service.

About Galerie Oscar

Operated by Emilie Janda and Chyninie Schapira, the Galerie Oscar develops a new concept of pop-up Art events: “bringing Art to real spaces”. The real places are unique luxury locations, like the Villa Guide in the Cap d’Antibes. These events showcase the work of major international contemporary artists.
For 5% of the cost of an artwork per month, the Galerie Oscar offers a comprehensive world class art works rental service for enhancing the environment of both corporate and private clients based on the French Riviera.

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  1. Rumble says:

    It was such a great event – we thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.

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