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Goldkenn Chocolate Delicious Gold Rush

At TFWA-WE in Cannes in 2013, Goldkenn Swiss Master Chocolatiers have presented the new the “Gold” range, in addition to the famous “Goldbar ,” a worldwide beloved delicacy.

Switzerland is known in the whole world for the quality its watches, its chocolate and for its banks. The Goldkenn Chocolate  brand, based near Geneva, was founded in 1980 to bring some innovation in the traditional manufacture of Swiss chocolate. To do this, four of the best Swiss Master Chocolatiers joined the Goldkenn team, each specializing in one of the necessary techniques for the production of recipes and product range.
This outstanding gathering has given the famous “Goldbar”, an authentic replica of 12.5 kg gold bars present in Switzerland bank safes. The bar was quickly followed by several other lines of products original and inventive but respectful of their heritage of Swiss chocolate.
The commercial success of Goldkenn also lies in the introduction of its products onto a then untapped market by chocolatiers : Duty Free shops at airports. In the first year, the success of Goldkenn was so important that it became a staple of Swiss chocolate. Pioneer of the Duty Free market, Goldkenn is now present in airports around the world with 250 shops. Goldkenn Chocolate is now approaching an innovative market, the sales of chocolate aboard airplanes.
The Swiss chocolatier just joined the U.S. market after an absence of several years. The brand chose R & B Classics as national importer. Together, they organize the installation of premium outlets across the country.
The Goldbar chocolate is a true copy of a gold bar. The shell is a unique blend of Swiss chocolate giving a light scent of cocoa, the whole filled with a delicious praline paste and small pieces of hazelnuts, wrapped in a luxurious package. The Gold range was supplemented by several novelties presented at TFWA-WE show in Cannes .
The recent delicious creations were designed with an elegant spirit that will appeal to young and old alike. The Goldbars consist of delicious chocolate pralines coated with fine Swiss milk or black chocolate. Each recipe includes a mixture of almonds and hazelnuts. Anxious to continue to offer its customers new creations, the innovative masters are forced to constantly revise the classic recipes with exciting new gourmet ingredients.

The Goldvan is a perfect replica of armored trucks used to transport funds in Switzerland. Equipped with wheels in motion, Goldvan is a fun toy for children. It also contains delicious pieces of milk chocolate. Once the contents have been consumed, the Goldvan can be used as a piggy bank.

The Goldbear is a smiling bear, a furry friend wearing a Goldkenn cap and handling a sachet of refined, delicious Swiss milk chocolate coins. An irresistible quality plush, a nice way to delight cuddly and gourmand children.

The Mini Safe for enterntainment, gourmandise and… savings: the treasure safe is packed with quality Swiss milk chocolate coins and one iconic mini Goldkenn Goldbar filled with Goldkenn pralines, prepared from quality smooth milk chocolate and blended with the finest almonds. Once empty, the safe can be used as a moneybox.

All these gifts are entertaining promises of mouth-watering, best Swiss chocolate pralines.

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  1. rodrigo says:

    hello, do you have shipping? i need to buy a couples a of swiss godlbarr milk chocolates.
    im from chile.
    please let me know.

    • tamel says:

      Hi there,

      We are a magazine and not the chocolate company. Please follow the link to the site and contact them directly.

      Best regards,

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