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Jean Patou Revives Joy

jean patou joy foreverAt TFWA-WE 2013 in Cannes, the house Jean Patou has presented its new fragrance “Joy Forever” in honor of the first fragrance launched by the designer in 1929.

When Jean Patou launched “Joy” in 1930, the Wall Street stock market crash had plunged the world into an unprecedented crisis. Yet, Joy was an uncompromising fragrance formulated with copious amounts of rare and precious flowers, which earned it to be known as “the most expensive perfume in the world “, synonymous with luxury and elegance. But the true genius of Jean Patou consisted precisely in not selling Joy: he had thought it as a gift for its U.S. penniless ladies customers. A happy fragrance to remind them to be happy, even if the world was in a bad shape. This is the message, more relevant than ever, that Joy Forever is whispering. The joy of living, version 2013.
Jean Patou, one of the oldest French perfume (and couture) houses , known for its elegant originality and always very appreciated by connoisseurs, remained however very “quiet” the last few years. After its acquisition by Designer Perfumes from Procter & Gamble in 2011, the famous brand remained dormant for two years. Today, as the centenary of the brand is approaching, Joy Forever is getting out, a modern reinterpretation of the legendary fragrance “Joy”.
The nose of the brand Jean Patou since 2011, Thomas Fontaine, proposes us an eternal joy, whose “patounade” (signature of the perfumer since Joy) is a duo consisting of noble flowers: May rose and jasmine from Grasse and another duo of noble flowers, iris and orange blossom, all enriched with bergamot, refreshed by citrus notes – mandarin – and peach, and woodied with sandalwood, amber and white musk and finally a hint of green galbanum. The most delicious and sparkling floral fragrance than its ancestor is likely to turn heads!
For the world’s most expensive floral bouquet, count nearly 1,000 euros – 957 exactly – for the extract of fragrance presented in a 30 ml Baccarat bottle. Its unique balance of May rose and jasmine requires 10,600 jasmine flowers and 28 dozen of roses! It takes more than seven million jasmine flowers to obtain two kilograms of concrète, out of which is extracted one kilo of essential oil – the absolute – quintessence of the flower fragrance, whose cost is around 23,000 euros per kilo. The May rose absolute from Grasse only cost… 7,000 euros.
The jasmine flowers are opening at dawn and dusk , they must be picked by small hands during those hours when the petals are open .
Second largest consumer of natural jasmine, Jean Patou is distinguished from its origins , the total control of his creations and use of the most valuable commodities, under the control of a nose, always home. Jean Patou also differs in having as Chanel, his own flower fields in Grasse .
The jasmine flowers are only opening at dawn and dusk, they must be picked by small hands during those hours when the petals are open.
Second largest consumer of natural jasmine in the world, Jean Patou distinguishes itself, since its origins, by the total control of its creations and the use of the most valuable raw materials, under the control of a nose, always from the house. Jean Patou also differs in having as Chanel, its own flower fields in Grasse.
The house Jean Patou is also launching a collection called “Héritage” to revive its iconic perfumes. The first three to be brought to light will be Chaldée, a fragrance of the Roaring Twenties when the woman began to unveil her body, to go on holiday and get a tan on the beach.
This bright and ambered floral leaves behind a powder and female trail of opoponax, tonka bean, narcissus, lilac, jasmine and orange blossom. Second to be reviewed: L’Eau de Patou, fresh chic, evokes freedom and carelessness. It will include solar notes of ylang-ylang, mixed with lavender and honeysuckle, with orange and lemon zest on a musky base. And finally, Patou for Men, the first men’s fragrance from the house, a tribute to the strong character its creator. In its “juice”: the elegance of a bouquet of jasmine, rose, lavender and violet born by a woody base of patchouli, leather, incense and grey amber.

Originally, the legendary JOY bottle was designed by a friend of Jean Patou, the brilliant architect Louis Sue, who conceived it like a jewel carved into a gemstone. JOY FOREVER is adorned of this the bottle with timeless proportions, set with a pink gold cap inlaid with the Jean Patou monogram. Ultimate refinement detail, the label is gilded with pink gold.

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  1. issey miyake perfumes says:

    This aroma resembles a step back into an easier area in time: it’s light (mandarin), fresh (just a tip of lemon) and womanly (a strong jasmine accord) that all blend perfectly in an all-natural,
    virtually natural kind of way – consider it like a balmy Summer’s evening in the French Riviera.

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