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Mercedes-Benz Perfume Bienvenue Au Club

Given the great success of its intoxicating masculine and feminine fragrances, Mercedes-Benz Perfume launched “Club” a fragrance aimed at the new generation of Mercedes-Benz enthousiasts.

For the third time at TFWA-WE, the famed automotive brand with the star launched a fragrance at Hotel Majestic Barrière on Monday Ocober 21. In a nightclub ambience, with danses and choreographies, the new Club was presented in a packed room in front of an enthousiastic audience.
INCC’s CEO Rémy Deslandes presented the new fragrance in his vivacious and cheerful ways: “It’s a dynamic, fancy and eye-catching fragrance for the young generation, an ode to their lively energy. Bienvenue au Club Mercedes-Benz!” His presentation was followed with the adresses of Manfred Kroneder Director of the Perfumeries Division at Douglas Holding AG and Christian Boucke – CEO Mercedes-Benz Accessoires- who emphasized the Mercedes-Benz Perfume expansion in Europe, Asia and the US. The success is global, as 30 markets around the globe are marketing their fragrances.
Then, master perfumer Olivier Cresp from Firmenich told his inspiration to create “Club”, a new intense woody-fruity fragrance. He explained: “I wanted it to oscillate between the fusing effect of the citrus cocktail and the addictive sensuality of an elegant woody sillage. Revealing the excitement that comes from mingling lemon zest, grapefruit and Florida orange with the deep, strong energy of modern wood.” Olivier Cresp has successfully orchestrated a subtle contrast between elegance and energy, with the deep, sensual base accord stimulated by fresh, sparkling, slightly acidic hesperidia notes. The fragrance is young and modern, made for a young generation of urban citizens. The seductive fragrance boats freshness with hesperidia notes blended with the green freshness of rhubarb. The ultra-masculine elegance is provided by the spicy and intense temperament of juniper berries and cardamom. A sexy and sensual trail is brought by woody notes: patchouli and dry woods, mingled to the warm character of tonka beans and ambrox.
After the adresses, male and female dancers dressed in black and grey offered aa joyfull and sensual choreography before the hostesses of the evening unveiled the enigmatic bottle kept under a black veil. The bottle is outstanding in its conception, streamlined and futurist, boasting an aerodynamic shape suggesting speed and motion. The bottle evokes a metal sculpture whose curves and lines reveal the coloured gleam of glass. Mercedes-Benz Perfume has still managed a perfect launch and no doubt that Mercedes-Benz Club will enjoy the same success as its two predecessors.

The Club range includes the Eau de Toilette Natural Spray 100 ml and 50 ml, the Shower Gel 150 ml and  Alcohol-Free Deodorant Stick.

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