Love Is In The R at Château des Demoiselles

love is in the r chateau des demoiselles

Aurélie Bertin – Atelier fleurs

Château des Demoiselles offered on March 3, 2016 an evening “hippie chic” for the launch of the new Rosé “Love by Roseline”.

Château des Demoiselles is a gorgeous vineyard located in La Motte in the Var between Saint Tropez and the Gorges du Verdon, in the heart of the Provençal terroir the writer Jean Giono and the poet Frédéric Mistral loved so much. The estate masters the art of cultivating the vines but also to receive and create the event by regularly organizing days and theme nights to let discover its wines, its rich Provençal terroir, and its chambres d’hôtes de charme, for warm moments of sharing and conviviality.

love is in the r chateau des demoiselles

Hippie chic evening

With its 72 hectares of vines surrounded by 200 hectares of forest at the foot of the red Rocher de Roquebrune, its centennial avenue of plane trees, its chapel, and its works of art, the “Demoiselles”, as it’s warmly nicknamed, is a prestige vineyard.
On the event evening to launch the new Cuvée Rosé Love by Roseline – Love Is in the R, organized in the guest house of Château des Demoiselles, a floral outfit was appropriate for the guests to immerse themselves in the hippie chic atmosphere imagined by Aurélie Bertin, the “maîtresse des lieux”, also owner of the famous Château Sainte Roseline. The evening brought together bloggers from the PACA region in order to present the vineyard, its wines and its beautiful guest rooms – and taste the new Love by Roseline.

love is in the r chateau des demoiselles

Love In the R – ©DoctibPhoto

Flowers in her hair and hearts

Upon arrival in this exceptional mansion – that belonged in ancient times to the famous Grimaldi family (its wine was served at the wedding of Albert of Monaco) – the guests were welcomed into a warm and mysterious atmosphere, emanating magic. In every corner of the house, ribbon of flowers, candles, balloons and sculptures signed Fabienne Ferrer, the artist who is exhibiting at the Château des Demoiselles until June 10, 2016.
The guests were invited by charming hostesses to go through the “selfie shop” in the lobby and visit the “flowers” workshop. There, on a wooden table, armfuls of fragrant and colorful flowers and branches were waiting for them in tin vases.
Everyone could then learn about the making of a crown of fresh flowers and see with wonder their hands create a crown they would wear during the evening, guided by the good advice of the floral decoration creator Mary Martylle.
That was enough to walk with the hair in the wind or shaking one’s head on psychedelic tunes (symbols of peace and love), seeming totally mesmerized by the songs evoking Janis Joplin (Make love not war), or Hare Krishna, to reach nirvana and quite look like a hippie.

love is in the r chateau des demoisellesDelicious change of scenery

Exotic shirts, smiles, surprises, wreaths in their hair, the musical atmosphere by singer Suggy and guitarist Patrice Gros, had the immediate effect of plunging the guests in a delightful flower power atmosphere of the mythical Woodstock Festival or the musical Hair era. Gastronomy and wines stamped AOP Côtes de Provence Rosé including the Charme 2015 and the Château Rosé 2015 were accompanied by a gastronomic journey around the savory dishes and sweets by caterer Matyasy, prepared with products from Provençal terroir.
A glass in hand, the guests were able to taste the generous cheese plates, delicious sushi rolled on the spot, Risotto with Parmesan, casseroles of scramble eggs with fresh truffle. For dessert, a Valrhona chocolate fountain for dipping exotic fruits, marshmallows, meringues, macaroons and sublime pastries fulfilled the taste buds of gourmets at this festive evening.

love is in the r chateau des demoiselles

Claudia “Madmoizele Conteuse”

Tales and “Dits Vins” surprises

Meanwhile, upon the floor of this place full of mystery and populated with forms from the past, the wandering through the chambres d’hôtes was leading to Claudia Madmoizele Conteuse. Comfortably installed in the Château des Demoiselles generous armchairs, the guests left themselves pleasantly enchanted by the charm of the Dits Vins tales and plunged into the world of stories or tales by this gentle poet with immeasurable talent, like the tale of the Nightingale who became grapes. But the quest of curiosity continued with the search for surprises hidden as indices, nestled in the corner of a hallway or a room. Before the results of the contest that owner Aurélie Bertin introduced the Cuvée Rosé 2015 “Love is in the R”. This wine that can be enjoyed alone or with fish, white meat has a clear and bright color. Its composition of 40% Cinsault, 40% Grenache and 20% Syrah gives it an intense nose combining notes of red fruits, tinged with English candy. The attack is lively and develops a nice finish expressing the freshness of rosé wines from Provence.

love is in the r chateau des demoiselles

Syrha Suite – Chambres d’Hôtes

A rich program of events in 2016

Throughout the year, a rich program of theme days, exhibitions, concerts and cooking classes are offered at the Château des Demoiselles. A fun and always friendly way to discover this vineyard and its wines in three colors: Château des Demoiselles, AOP Côtes de Provence wines – pride of the domain – Le Charme des Demoiselles and Les Bulles des Demoiselles, a sparkling Rosé de Provence.

From February 27 to June 10: exhibition of sculptures by Fabienne Ferrer
27 February: sushi class with Paolo Dupont
03 March: bloggers evening at the Maison d’hôtes
19 March: cooking classes
27 March: Easter in the vines
23 April: official launch of vintage 2015
15 May: vigneron’s picnic
22 May: 2nd edition la Foulée des Demoiselles
From June 18 to September 18: Art&Vin, Pascal Fauvet exhibition – Vernissage on Friday juin17
19 June: day of Américaines cars
24 in July : Jazz concert with Filipe Loir
05 August / August 12 / August 19: musical aperitif
04 September: day of vendanges
Du September 24 to January 30: Jean Gautier exhibition – Vernissage Friday 23 September
23 October: day of hiking.

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