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Millennium Fragrances Delight Kids

At TFWA-WE 2013 in Cannes, the company Millennium Fragrances was showcasing fragrances for children with the brands Kaloo, Kokeshi and Clayeux.

The company Millennium Fragrances, who distributes the Hello Kitty brand, produces derivatives which delight all children and even adults and protect their sensitive skin. Kaloo perfumes, the first brand to have been created by the company Millennium Fragrances in 2000, is aimed at toddlers.

Scented waters

The range consists of a small family of fluff bottles. Each bottle has a different head. They are filled with scented waters without alcohol (Blue, Lilirose, Dragée, Liliblue and Pop).
Clayeux Perfumes was created and launched in 2004 by Millennium Fragrances. The famous children’s brand was inspired by its collections of clothing to create Clayeux Boy, an eau de toilette composed of fresh and lemony notes dedicated to boys. Clayeux Girl is an eau de toilette with sparkling notes of citrus and jasmine. These colognes are all covered with mesh with trendy colors.

Japanese folk dolls

Kokeshi Perfume was created and launched in May 2012 by Millennium Fragrances. It is a line of five fragrances, each inspired by Japanese folk dolls.  More than just perfumes, each delivers a message and tells its own story: Love, Luck, Friendship, Beauty and Strength. Through these 5 universe, it is a concentrated of Asian culture combining tradition and modernity.


Kokeshi Bambu represents Friendship with a unisex fragrance which seduces with its fresh notes of bergamot and bamboo shoots. Kokeshi Lotus represents Beauty. This fragrance reveals floral notes of freesia, born by an aqueous heart of lotus flower, towards notes of white wood. Kokeshi Litchee represents Love. Soft and sweet flavors for this eau de toilette that mischievously combines tangy notes of cassis and lychee and a delicate wedding of freesia and orange blossom.
Kokeshi Cheery means Luck. For this good fortune fragrance, a citrus surge is associated with a touch of apple with a soft heart of cherry blossom and rose. Kokeshi Tonka represents Strength. Tonka bean exudes a warm and delicate fragrance reminiscent of vanilla with a subtle hint of almond. Unique and incomparable, its fragrance is powerful and slightly woody and musky.

About Millennium Fragrances

Founded in February 2000 by Priscilla and Frederic Beaulieu, Millennium Fragrances manufactures and distributes brands of perfumes on the French and international market of selective perfumery (Marionnaud, Sephora, Nocibé Beauty Success, Passion Beauté, Douglas, Une Heure pour Soi). Perfumes are distributed in department stores and independent perfumeries (Parisian Shopping). The Kaloo Parfums brand is distributed in 1,800 selective perfumeries and in 400 stores dedicated to children.
Millennium Fragrances also distributes Parfums Grès (Art & Fragrance – February 2009) and Hello Kitty only for independent (May 2011). Since February 2013, Millennium Fragrances has signed a distribution agreement on the French market with the group Arden (Elizabeth Arden – Giorgio Beverly Hills – Grey Flannel –Juicy Couture). The company employs 15 people and has a turnover of € 3M.

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