regates royales trophee panerai 2014

Regates Royales de Cannes-Trophee Panerai 2014


At the Regates Royales de Cannes-Trophee Panerai, from September 20 to 28, 2014, the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge finished on a high the celebration of its 10th anniversary.

At the Regates Royales de Cannes-Trophee Panerai, the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge – the international regatta circuit reserved for classic and vintage sailboats, sponsored by Officine Panerai – reached the end of its tenth year, after a season of more exciting than the last regattas, across the most beautiful seas in the world. Fighting spirit with sportsmanship and gentlemen’s spirit have led to victory some of the more than one hundred monohulls, classical and dragon.

A century of history in the bay of Cannes

Over one hundred yachts from the classes “Vintage” (42 entrants), “Classic” (13 entrants) and “Spirit of Tradition” (12 entrants) joined by the Meter Classes – International 6-Meter, International 8-Meter and International 12-Meter Class yachts. The traditional yachts and the Dragons have competed in the bays of Cannes and La Napoule, via the Lérins islands and the Cap Roux in the Esterel mounts.
Tens of thousands of visitors admired some of the most beautiful boats designed by the best naval architects in history, including the Americans Olin Stephens Nathanael G. Herreshoff, the Scottish Fife Fairlie and the English Camper and Nicholson or Italians Cesera Sangermani and Carlo Sciarelli.
Some of them have written glorious pages of the Americ Cup history like Vanity V (1936), Trivia (1937) et Vim (1939).

The biggest boat sailing at the Regates Royales de Cannes-Trophee Panera was Elena of London, a 60-meter long Spirit of Tradition schooner. Sumptuous beauties delighted the public, including the 33-meter long schooner Altair (1931) and the gaff cutters Moonbeam IV (1914) and Moonbeam of Fife (1903) built by the Scottish shipyard William Fife, birthplace in 1936 of Eilean, the 22-meter ketch ambassador of Officine Panerai in gatherings of classic yachts.
In the Classic group, Namib, Chin blu III, Naif, Moro di Venezia I (1976) – winner in 2013 of the Trophee Panerai, and Ojala fought thrilling duels.
In the Spirit of Tradition class, Shamrock V (37 meters) continues, like Endeavour and Velsheda, to represent one of the most fascinating periods in the history of sailing.
The 64-foot yawl Manitou tells another story: the American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy used to sail this magnificent traditional yacht and welcomed Marilyn Monroe aboard.
Lovers of old riggings could also watch the evolutions of Dorade, Altaïr, Mariquita, Oiseau de Feu and Rowdy, Shamrock, Veronique and Wings.
The steeped in history yacht, Moonbeam 4, celebrates her 100th anniversary this year.

Regarding the Dragons, the British Gavia Wilkinson Cox on Jerboa, winner in 2013, was defending her title against Ar Yuleg, Cloud or Annapurna.

Waterfront events

This year again, the Regates Royales de Cannes-Trophee Panerai honored the Mauritius island and Eutelsat, sponsor of the event.

On the waterfront and in the village, the crews of the vintage yachts hosted a series of events like mast climbing, tug-of-war and showed off their mastery of painting. Like every year, Officine Panerai regaled crews and guests with Italian lunches and snacks offered each day before and after the regattas.

The Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge

In tribute to its past linked to the sea, Officine Panerai has been investing for years in promoting the culture of classic sailing by sponsoring the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge, the leading international regatta circuit for vintage yachts. In 2007, the company purchased and restored the Bermudian ketch Eilean, built in 1936 in the legendary sites Fife Fairlie, now the brand ambassador at gatherings of vintage yachts.

The winners

After 4 tasks in Classic and 10 in Metric, Vanity V, Chinook, Mariquita, Sagittarius, Dorade, Sirius, Freya et Speedbird win in their class.

Big Boats: Mariquita, Moonbeam IV, Moonbeam of Fife III
En Epoque Marconi > 15 m:  Dorade, The Blue Peter & Skylark ex-aequo, Manitou
Epoque Marconi <15 m: Sirius, Jalina & Cholita
Spirit of Tradition: Freya 2003, Shamrock V, Scherzo
Epoque Aurique: Chinook, Duet 1926, Eva
Classiques: Sagittarius, Namib, Naif
12 MJI: Vanity V, Wings, Vim
Tofinou: Speedbird
During the awards ceremony, the magazine Bateaux, partner of the Regates Royales de Cannes-Trophee Panerai, presented three boats with special prizes. Manitou was awarded the Passion prize, Alcyon 1871 the Heritage prize and Moonbeam IV received an Honorary award for its centenary.

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