voeux sicasil 2015

SICASIL And SIAUBC Meet 2015 Challenges

voeux sicasil 2015

La Siagne in Saint Cézaire ©SICASIL

In 2015, the SICASIL and SIAUBC fully mobilize to meet the new challenges of 2015 and address the issues of drinking water and sanitation in and around Cannes.

On January 27, 2015, over one hundred elected officials and representatives of public authorities, environmental associations, companies and SICASIL partners attended the New Year address by the presidents of the inter-municipal syndicates of drinking water and water sanitation in the Cannes basin.

A decisive year

The opportunity for Pascale Vaillant, President of SIAUBC (wastewater management) and Jean-Yves Milcendeau, President of SICASIL (drinking water management) to take stock of the past year and to discuss projects the public water services will manage in and around Cannes in 2015.
The year 2015 will be a decisive year for water management through short, medium and long term actions to preserve the environment and the quality of water, ensuring the reliability and performance of the services at the best value for money.

voeux sicasil 2015

Works on the Canal de la Siagne banks ©SICASIL

2014 in review

Throughout 2014, the SICASIL achieved a major work program for the quality and reliability of the public service of drinking water for an amount of € 2.5 million including: renewing 232 meters of the Canal de la Siagne in Mouans Sartoux and Peymeinade; opening to the public of 2.3 km promenade at the Chapel Notre-Dame de Vie in Mougins; strengthening and extension of the drinking water distribution network with 1.9 km of new lines; the creation of 40 new fire poles and the realization of a fourth hydroelectric micro-station in Grasse.

Exciting 2015 challenges

In 2015, the SICASIL will open to the public the reservoir in La Californie that will offer a remarkable view of the Bay of Cannes and the Lerins Islands. And, in partnership with the City of Grasse, it will set a new promenade between the Saint Matthew Chapel and the neighborhood of Plascassier, on nearly 5 kilometers.
To sustainably protect water resources, Jean-Yves Milcendeau will establish protection areas and continue the development of the banks of the Canal de la Siagne.

The SIAUBC will keep on developing the reuse of the water treated by Aquaviva – the ecological wastewater treatment plant unique in the world – representing a daily volume of 40,000 m3. This re-use is an important water resource and Pascale Vaillant will undertake a study to better know the potential users.
Furthermore, the SIAUBC will conduct the detection of rainwater (parasitic clear water) to limit pollution and overflow in rainy weather.

voeux sicasil 2015

Acquaviva station ©SIAUBC

Sustainable energies and protection of the environment

In 2014, thanks to the development of hydroelectric micro-station by the former President David Lisnard – now Mayor of Cannes – the SICASIL was awarded an Energy Climate Golden Trophy by the General Council of the Maritimes Alps and Jean-Yves Milcendeau will continue the policy of developing innovative renewable energy by the equipment of a 5th hydroelectric micro-station at the reservoir of Terre Blanche in Mouans Sartoux.

Pascale Vaillant will undertake an awareness-raising campaign regarding the maintenance of small valleys, and the preservation of the high quality of bathing water in Cannes and its surroundings, the sea, the beaches, the Blue Flags, adding that “all thrown waste ends into the sea”.

10th Canal de la Siagne Festival

2015 will see the tenth anniversary of the Festival of the Canal de la Siagne from Saint Vallier to Cannes, organized by the SICASIL in partnership with the Lyonnaise des Eaux. On this occasion, a conference will be organized with the climatologist Jean Jouzel and Bernard Bouygues, a scientist specializing in mammoths.
The creation of an educational game Aquacity Game, in which the player takes the role of the manager of the public service of drinking water in and around Cannes, raises awareness of school children to water issues.
Moreover, an eco-tourism route is under consideration that would take people to visit the station Acquaviva and significant places of the Siagne.

The cities concerned by the SICASIL and SIAUBC actions are: Auribeau sur Siagne – Cannes – Le Cannet – Mougins – Pegomas – La Roquette sur Siagne – Théoule sur Mer – Vallauris.


voeux sicasil 2015

Pipe replacement ©SICASIL

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