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Silhouette Eyewear New Adidas Sport Glasses

At TFWA World Exhibition 2013, Silhouette Eyewear was presenting the new lightweight and higly functional range of Adidas sport eyewear models: Daroga, Kumacross, Libria and Tycane.

To successfully complete their challenges or give themselves thrills, sports enthusiasts rely on top-quality equipment. For all those who refuse compromise, Adidas launched in September 2013 the highly functional Tycane sports eyewear.

Revolutionary eyewear technology

Boasting unique hydrophobic filter technology, an extremely wide field of vision and an innovative design, the range of eyewear guarantees first-class vision and maximum protection for the eyes in all kinds of weather. Combining optimal vision and maximum protection for the eyes, the new Tycane is equipped with revolutionary eyewear technology.
Extremely large and strongly curved 10-base filters give the impression of 360° vision, ensuring an optimal view of the surrounding terrain at all times and its LST filter technology compensates extreme light variations, enhances contrasts and filters out dangerous light waves. The filters also provide protection from dangerous UV rays and irritating wind.
Equipped with a unique hydrophobic coating, its particularly flat frame design quickly repel water droplets, without leaving any annoying streaks on the filters and particles of dirt and dust are simply washed away.
Tycane’s frame is made out of especially light, flexible and shatterproof SPX non-allergenic material. With adjustable temples and nose pads, the eyewear ideally suits the shape of the wearer’s head.
For those requiring visual correction, it can be fitted with an optical insert or direct glazing can be applied by an optician.

Sporty lifestyle

For those seeking to reflect their sporty lifestyle in their look, Adidas eyewear launched three new Performance models. Daroga, Kumacross and Libria boasts a clear, sporty design combined with a perfect fit and first-class function. The unisex Daroga, Kumacross for men and Libria for women are combining dynamic design with first-class function, providing clear vision during sporting activities and everyday life.
Made from a robust SPX material that is particularly temperature resistant, flexible and light, the everyday use sports eyewear can cope with a wide range of situations and demands. Their filters are also designed to meet every conceivable need: a strong curvature creates a sporty look and allows a wide angle of vision. 100% UV protection guarantees excellent vision, even in dazzling sunlight. To eliminate light from highly reflective surfaces such as water or sand, the models are also available with polarising filters. In addition, for wearers of glasses and contact lenses, Daroga, Kumacross and Libria can be fitted with direct glazing.
Tycane, Daroga, Kumacross and Libria are available in a wide selection of colours. Like all other models in the Adidas eyewear collection, they are designed and manufactured by Silhouette International in Austria.

About Silhouette Eyewear

Silhouette Eyewear began in 1964 with a vision of glasses as a decorative device. Today, Silhouette Eyewear is the world’s leading brand of light and high quality glasses. Its world’s lightest glasses are designed with great attention to detail, made with a large proportion of work by hand, the use of the best materials and the latest technology.
After having revolutionised in1999 the eyeglass world with its Titan Minimal Art glasses weighing only 1.8 grams, without screws, hinges or rims, Silhouette glasses have been 35 times with astronauts in space. Silhouette eyewear models are exported to 100 countries worldwide.

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