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At Mapic 2013, Simit Sarayi – Bagel Palace -, one of the largest Turkish bakery retail firms, has given a taste of Turkish hospitality and flavours by daily giving away to visitors some its best out-of-the-oven bakery and attracted great interest with its concept store in Lerins hall.

Exhibiting for the first time at Mapic this year, Simit Sarayi was showcasing its rising concept of bakery retail stores and unique business opportunity. Simit booth in Lerins hall was a real retail bakery and was distributing the chain main savory products: bagel, cookies, cakes and desserts as well as original Feta cheese pastry, traditional Gül Böregi, snacks and sandwiches. Its caravan, located on the fair’s Riviera main enterance, was also offering its freshly backed “Simits” for delegates to taste. In these two locations, Simit Sarayı also enabled MAPIC visitors to experience various traditional tastes that are symbols of Turkey such as Simit, Turkish Coffee and Tea.
Abdullah Kavukcu, CEO of Simit Sarayi explained: “As being the significant meeting point of real estate and retail sectors, MAPIC presents various opportunities for retailers like us. This year we have introduced Simit Sarayi brand for the very first time in MAPIC and it is a great honor for us to represent Turkey here. Throughout the fair, we have had the chance to monitor the retail trends and the other companies from the industry. With Simit Sarayi brand, we are getting closer to accomplish our goals to create a global brand from Turkey and we would like to encourage and pave the way for other brands. I believe MAPIC will suport us during this process in reaching our goals.”
Everything started with the first bagel baked in the first store in Mecidiyeköy in Turkey: Simit Sarayi was established in 2002 with only one desire: to serve always warm and fresh bagels to guests anytime of the day. Then, Simit Sayari wanted everybody to taste their traditional flavours and to spread it first to Turkey and then to the whole world. Menus have been enriched to be able to serve guests at all times and hours.
Today, Simit Sayari boasts hundreds of stores in Turkey and abroad in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Cyprus, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and soon in the USA. Its 5,500 employees are serving its large range of products to over 450,000 daily customers in Turkey and the world. Aiming at introducing all over the world the traditional Anatolian flavour Simit, Simit Sarayı founded the one and only Simit facility in collaboration with TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) to produce healthy and unique products to be distributed worldwilde. Setting the mission of becoming the most recognised and widespread food chain in the world, Simit Sarayı wants to achieve its goal with large product range, high technologhy production facility, capacity of cold chain fleet, concept stores and innovative approach to the business.
On their way to become a world brand walking side by side with their customer, Simit Sayari managers are placing each morning the first bagels of the day on the trays as excited as they were on their first day.

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