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Tarsus Launches Marketing Meetings in Cannes

A new fair organized by Tarsus France is born in Cannes: Marketing Meetings, which took place at the Riviera Hall of the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès on November 20 and 21, 2013.

One minute of connection to the Internet features 2 million requests on Google, 280,000 Facebook logins and 1.3 million videos viewed on YouTube. Today, the number of connected devices is equivalent to the global poulation. Yet, growth is staggering: by 2015, the number of connected devices will be twice the global poulation and it would take someone 5 years to view all the videos streaming in one second on the Net.
The emergence of new technologies and social media have shaped new buying habits while giving marketers awsome and innovative ways to study and closely scrutinize their customers’ buying habits, likes and desires. But what tool to prioritize in front of the multitude of possibilities offered by the Internet? And what budget to devote to them? One of the most difficult issue in marketing is the choice of pertinent (but cheap) keywords to base Adwords or Facebook campaign on. Are “good ole” e-mails campains still a good medium? What about SMS?
To answer these buring issues, Marketing Meetings was offering a wide range of competences with over 100 professional exhibitors in marketing cross channel, customer insight and marketing intelligence.
Marketing Meetings, as all “Meetings” fairs by Tarsus France, is based on meetings booked in advance with Top Decision-Makers. Top Decision-Makers appointment are planned with a 15 minutes interval, that free time allowing them to exchange with exhibitors they had not necessarily selected for an appointment
This formula allows exhibitors, in addition to appointments with Top Decision-Makers organized by Tarsus France, to welcome as well their customers and prospects not being part of the program.

To get solutions and insights as well as invaluable tips and advices, an excellent program of conferences by leading experts was offered by Marketing Meetings on the following themes:
Marketing budget, arbitration on line / off line and ROI: the new challenges of marketing managers, about the new mass diffusuin media audience behaviour.
How to maximize the return on investment of web marketing campaigns (Google Adwords, Facebook,…) by Full Performance about picking up right keywords.
The connected consumer: What strategy for dealing with new buying habits? by Adobe – Neolane about the emergence of new technologies and their anchoring in everyday life.
Data management and marketing research: new ways of marketing intelligence. About consumer expectations in a digitizing world.

This first Marketing Meetings in Cannes with its 100 exhibitors who received over 1,000 visitors and exchanged during some 1,500 pre-organized, targeted and highly qualified meetings – as well as during 200 business lunches – was a real business booster.

Marketing Meetings took place at the Palais des Festivals Riviera hall at the same time that another fair created by Tarsus France : Workplace Meetings.

Tarsus France is specialized in organizing exhibitions dedicated to customer knowledge and marketing. Its fairs are designed as trading hubs where supply and demand meet.

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