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Cannes Lycee Des Coteaux Fashion Training

The vocational Lycee Des Coteaux in Cannes opened its doors to the public on April 12 to present the various courses it offers in the field of fashion and show costume.

When you arrive chemin Morgon, your eyes are immediately drawn to an old building which is actually a resplendent “grand-siècle”-style mansion. A light skywalk connects it to a modern building, radiant white under the sun of the French Riviera. We are immediately captivated by the works of art that adorn the garden, which gives us the desire to explore this temple dedicated to fashion.
And works of art are everywhere inside, in nooks and crannies and even hanging from the ceiling. One has a very strong feeling that here is Art king. We are in the local vocational Lycee Des Coteaux, labeled Lycée Professionnel of fashion and costume show trades.

Enter through vocation, leave full of ambition

The school organizes specialized training in the field of couture, creation of customized garment, dressing techniques and stage costume. The training in the school is supplemented by in-company training at couturiers, fashion designers, or in the field ogf live show.
The degrees offered goes from the Certificate of Professional Studies to the prestigious Diploma of costume art crafts, but also in the fashion industry of tomorrow. Fashion and luxury industries, very demanding, require high-level educational and artistic expertise. This school of excellence has the merit of providing employment opportunities for students.

International training exchanges

Students are faced with the demands of a professional world that now transcends national borders. The tradition of excellence must include the mobility of teachers and students: everyone understands, learns what does the other through exchanges with other international schools regularly organized.
So, in February 2013, young girls from a school in Prague came on a tourist and educational trip on the Cote d’Azur. On the agenda: visit of the region, of museums such as Mamac in Nice and the Picasso Museum in Antibes. Finally, the creation of three models that were then exposed in the school. Today, 15 models produced by the students of the Lycee des Coteaux are waiting to go to the capital of Czechoslovakia. These models will be used for a fashion show at the Embassy of France in Prague.

Fashion creates jobs

The skills given by the knowledge taught at the Lycee Des Coteaux is now acknowledged as a reference in fashion. “Fashion is an industry that hires enormously!” says headmaster George Bijaoui. “Our employability rate is excellent and, in the entertainment world, there are tremendous opportunities in making costumes for the theater or the cinema.” The future of some 250 students currently studying at Cannes seems on a right track.
But other courses are also the heyday of this place full of talent, as a diploma of technician in performing arts trades and the diploma of Art crafts who know 100% success in exams and 100% of opportunities. In other words, the 15 students in each section find a job after graduation. This is particularly true for Arts crafts, insofar as the Lycée des Coteaux is one of the five institutions in France to offer this training.

During this “open house day”, the insignia of Chevalier of the Academic Palms were presented to Catherine Berthelot, assistant-manager of Lycee des Coteaux.

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